Teens Tafrih is hosted with the raza mubarak of Al Dai Al Ajal, Syedna wa Moulana Abu Jaafer us Sadiq Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) and organized by the Taiseerun Nikah Committee on the weekend ending on President’s Day – a school holiday! (February 16th – 19th).

Tafrih, in Arabi, means recreation. Through this event, we hope to provide a platform for high school going mumineen to meet each other in a fun and engaging environment, and further expand their mumineen social circles.

Our first event was hosted near Houston at Cooper Farms, the second event was held in Dallas at Camp Carter and the third at Camp Whittier in Los Angeles. After each Teens Tafrih event, attendees leave the retreat with valuable takeaways from social, leadership, career based activities, and a few friendships that will carry through highschool, college, and onwards.

What Campers and their Parents Say
My advice to future campers is: Use your time wisely because the weekend flies by. Stay in touch with everyone – your best friends end up being people you said hi to once
2017 Camper
I learned more about “who I am as a mumin” and that “I am not alone”
2017 Camper
Teens Tafrih is a wonderful bonding and friendship building forum for our farzando to keep them from feeling the need to sacrifice their beliefs in any way to fit into the American culture.
2017 Parent
I got to know so many different types of mumineen and we were all brought together by Moula, and now during miqaat like Ashara I look forward to making new friends.
2016 Camper

Are there really that many mumineen teenagers in these cities across North America?

Click on the red markers above to see for yourself! There are 750+ mumineen your age in the various regions across the continent!


This year Teens Tafrih will be hosted at Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch over 3 days and 3 nights and will take you through several planned and unplanned experiences with a few organized activities and ample time to relax, enjoy, and have fun!

Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch is located near Orlando, FL. Here is some more information on the venue:

1170 Youth Camp Ln
Pierson, FL 32180
Phone: (386) 749-9999