Teens Tafrih 2015 and 2016 were hosted with the raza mubarak of Al Dai Al Ajal, Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) and organized by the Taiseerun Nikah Committee on the President’s day weekend during mid-February.

Walking away from the events from the weekend – its great to reflect back and appreciate all that we achieved and the many activities we enjoyed over a short period of time. While making new friends and reconnecting with older buddies, we also learned how to be a better mumin while living in the U.S – and that having a strong mumin social circle makes this much more feasible.


We hope that the leadership activities and career building events have brought about more self awareness and nudged us in our directions of interest while keeping in mind our responsibilities to our deen and families by prioritizing them as we find our career paths through high school, college, and beyond.


And let’s not forget that we had a blast unplugging ourselves from the demands of social media and enjoying the great outdoors and the beautiful night skies with the company of our friends (and now family!). We hope that our personal conversations shared over the bon fire and throughout the weekend will stick with us and that each of our stories (although at times a bit scary) will shape our beliefs and understanding of the world around us.


We all have a lot to reflect upon and we hope that everyone makes a resolution which you share with your friends so that we can help each other achieve them over the next year and on wards. We certainly hope Y’ALL stay in touch with each other and please reach out to us if you need anything in the future. And remember to travel together – especially in Hazrat of Aqa Moula TUS during Ashara Mubaraka!

While words may fall short in describing the fun and the experience, pictures always seem to capture those moments a bit better… As always, the pictures from the event are for mumineen only, so please view them responsibly and DO NOT post them on social media to respect each other’s privacy.

Shukran and we look forward to the next event!

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