Getting Here

Many of you have already visited this site a few times, shared the link with friends, and started to think about how to get here before raising the question with the parents. Now its time to tackle the big question – how much will it cost to get to Florida???

Well, we have looked around for you a bit and here are some numbers you can use when talking to the parents about the event and how much flights could cost. Keep in mind that all you have to do is get to the airport here and we will arrange for the transportation to pick you up and drop you back!

Orlando International (MCO) airport is the preferred airport to fly in and out of for the event.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you get the confirmation email with the official invitation, and the sooner you can book that ticket! Here are some prices we found online around 11.20.2017 for departure on 2/16 and arrival on 2/19 from these cities:






Just get to your designated regional Masjid/Markaz





New York






Los Angeles


San Francisco


Check out a few of the numerous websites you can use to track prices and book a flight!