Packing List

Items to bring with you to Teens Tafrih

Rasulallah (SAW) Hadeeth

-Surmo (Kajal)
-Datan (Toothbrush)
-Kangi (comb)
-Katar (small travel scissors)

Bathroom / Toiletries

-Toothbrush (required)
-Toothpaste (required)
-Face wash
-Hand towel
-Bath towel
-Contact Solution
-Deodorant (please) =)
-Travel Lota

Clothing (Girls)

-3 Ridas (Causal Wear)
-2 Ridas (Active Wear) w/ Tights or Sweatpants
-Namaazi Kapra (separate pair)
-Warm clothes (sweaters, long sleeve shirts)
-Warm jacket (for cold nights)
-Rain jacket

Shoes & Accessories

-Flip Flops / Sandals
-Namaazi chakri or flip flops
-Hat / Sunhat

Clothing (Boys)

-Casual wear (Jeans/Appropriate T-shirts)
-Active Wear (Sweats, T-shirts, Shorts – should cover knees completely)
-Namaazi Kapra (separate pair)
-Warm clothes (sweaters, long sleeve shirt)
-Warm jacket (for cold nights)
-Rain jacket


-Pillow (required)
-Blanket (required)
-Bed sheets – Twin size (required)
-Qibla dani
-Khake Shifa, Nazrul Maqam, Sadaqo
-Bug Spray
-Sunscreen Lotion
-Phone / Phone charger (Restricted use during the event)
-Medication (Will be collected and maintained by a health professional)

Print these luggage tags and attach to your luggage, for easy identification