The schedule for the weekend

Event registration & Ice breakers

Participants will be coming together, mingling, and settling into their cozy cabins. This will be a great chance to say hi to your neighbor from another state. They will have a chance to individually introduce themselves and get a feel for the crowd. There will be many fun and unique activities to break the ice and get everyone excited for the weekend.

This will also be a time when we will lay the groundwork for the remaining 3 days. They will know what to look forward to and be prepared for all the activities!

All Day
Games & Lessons

Participants will get a chance to explore their surroundings, play some games, and enjoy some great food. There will be many activities for them to try. These new experiences will bring about self-awareness, help them test their limits, and challenge their ability to work with teams in tackling larger obstacles.

There will be many opportunities for teens to shine in leadership, strategy, team participation, and social networking. We will end the night with a good movie, popcorn, games, and delicious desserts!

All Day
Career Panels & Business Challenge

This day is all about how we can grasp the opportunities and immerse ourselves in the western culture without losing our identities. We will facilitate exercises that will open up your mind to the potential within you. This includes activities which will reflect on who we are as mumineen and where we fit in this world.

As a group, we will explore career paths, how to prepare for college and make the most of our time in school – we will cover it all! Together we will work towards our future and discuss how to best manage our priorities as demands on our time increase.

We plan to end the night with a starlit bonfire, marshmallow s’mores, and hot cocoa to share with new friends we’ve made all weekend.

Breakfast & Goodbyes

During this last segment of the fun-filled weekend, everyone will have a chance to hang out, play a few games, and enjoy their last meal together.

We will conclude by having a chance to say our goodbyes and gather everyone’s contact information.The essence of this weekend will be summed up through the contacts that were made and the relationships that were built at Teens Tafrih.